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Is 4K Streaming the Future of TV? – 2021 Guide

The last decade has seen countless advancements in television entertainment, such as the launch of new platforms and enhanced features such as online streaming services and 4K streaming. There are still cable TV fans out there, all coming from leading providers offering impressive cable TV deals, like Cox's cable plans, which allow the legacy of cable TV to continue. However, streaming in 4K seems to be a game-changer at the moment.  techcrunchpro When it comes to TV manufacturers, 4K means 2160p resolution and is associated with UHD. OTT has made it easy to access 4K content. But there is still a lot to do to make 4K streaming capabilities widely available. Viewing options seem pretty limited at the moment, where you can stream 4K content mostly from Sony, Amazon, and Netflix. It can be said that streaming giants like Netflix have developed many titles and others are aiming to deliver more 4K content.  thepinkcharm The question is whether 4K streaming is legitimate in the futu

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